Watch Trailer: Vikram Bhatt's thrilling ‘Horror Story’

In the past few months, a series of love stories have been screened in theaters. Audience, who wanted different types of movies, was not left with much choice. But now with Vikram Bhatt’s announcement for a horror movie, audience is relieved.

Director Vikram Bhatt has been known for making horror movies. The film maker is back with a horror movie titled ‘Horror Story’.

The trailer of the movie talks about seven friends who plan for a farewell party at a burnt and deserted hotel. The hotel was rumored to be engulfed with evil spirits. The trailer is quite chilling and terrifying. The tagline of the movie is ‘Fear will consume you’. It feels the makers of the movie are quite serious about the tagline.

The farewell night at a haunted hotel, turns out be to a bad decision for all the friends. The hotel was built on the grounds of an asylum which was burnt down under unknown circumstances. The hotel owner goes bankrupt and he commits suicide from the terrace of the hotel. All the seven friends went inside the hotel and weird things start happening with them. Earlier they feel that since they have heard nasty things about that place, it was getting on them. But then things actually start taking bad shape and then they decided to run away. But then it turned out to be too late. One of their friends was killed. What happens to others? Did they survive? Find out more at theaters on 13th September.

‘Horror Story’ is written by Vikram Bhatt and is directed by Ayush Raina. Television actor Karan Kundra will be debuting in Bollywood with this movie. He recently hosted TV serial ‘Gumrah : End Of Innocence’ on channel V. He also acted in ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’. He has signed a deal of 3 movies with Vikram Bhatt.  Apart from him, there are a number of fresh faces in the movie. They are Nandini Vaid, Ravish Desai, Nishant Malkani, Aparna Bajpai, Radhika Menon, Sheetal Singh and Hasan Zaidi.

The movie will be released on 13th September 2013. The movie is produced by ASA Productions and Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Karan Kundra was asked about his debut with an unconventional movie. He said, “In films, you can’t say what is a risk and what isn’t. Others have debuted with brilliant launches but didn’t go far. In films you can be the underdog or be lucky enough to get a big launch. I’m going by my gut and faith as I don’t have any other option. Vikram sir’s HS is a young film. In RPP, I play an unconventional role, of a Pakistani DJ, which most wouldn’t do at the start of their career. To leave a mark, my films have to be completely different.”

Horror Story