Vikram Bhatt and Ameesha split after five years

Director Vikram Bhatt and actress Ameesha Patel have split after five years. It is rumoured that Ameehsa dumped Vikram for London based businessman Kanav Puri. In fact Ameesha moved out of Vikram's home a few weeks back. The couple did try to work out their problems but unfortunately things did not work out. Vikram does not deny the split and says "Yes I am not denying the fact that the affair is over, but what’s the point of going into the past and talking about why and when it happened?”
The real reason about why the couple split is not yet clear. Some claim that it was Ameesha who dumped Vikram for her new boyfriend. However a friend of Ameesha's clarifies that it was Vikram who was not willing to give Ameesha further commitment. The friend states "She waited for five years for Vikram to commit. He told her he would never marry because his daughter would never accept it.” Ameesha had even gone against her own family to be with Vikram. Ameesha is not in touch with her family and has currently moved out from Vikram's home and is staying with her cousin. However whenever Vikram was asked about marriage plans with Ameesha, he simply stated that they did not need marriage to prove their togetherness. But Vikram also stated that since both he and Ameesha were concentrating on their careers right now, they were not looking at marriage. Ameesha's film career too had taken a beating and she supposedly blamed Vikram for the fall in her career.

Vikram seems quite hurt about the split and has expressed this through a poem written by him. It's a sensitive poem that explains the director's current state of mind. On writing poems Vikram states "Since I realised that nothing is permanent except for a piece of paper you find years later with a verse scribbled on it telling you that you were not completely happy then and you are not completely happy now…”. Meanwhile both Ameesha as well Vikram have currently immersed themselves in work. Ameesha has signed up for her first Yash Raj film and has a few more good offers. Vikram too had taken a break from work as he was only doing small films which were not successful at the box-office. Hence he claims that he took a break and was working on his script as earlier he was constantly churning out films that were exhausting his creativity. But now after his split from Ameesha, Vikram has once again immersed himself in work and states "Now it's work and nothing else."