Vikram and Sonika had been dating since November

Sonika Chauhan’s death has shattered Vikram Chatterjee. Vikarm’s close friend Pritam Roy revealed that Sonika and Vikram were in a relationship since November and they were going strong.

Vikram Chatterjee has been held responsible for Sonika’s death because he was behind the wheels when the car crashed and killed the model-anchor. Vikram also suffered minor injury and he was currently out on a bail. As per report, he was shattered with Sonika’s death and cried rigorously at her grave. He was grilled by police and he admitted that he drove the car in drunken condition.  

Close friends and family of Sonika blamed Vikram for the loss. Vikram's friend Pritam Roy has slammed the media for allegedly maligning his friend’s image. Defending Vikram, he told The Times Of India, "People are not respecting their true relationship. No one is understanding the loss Vikram has suffered. Vikram and Sonika had been dating from November-end. Vikram has brought Sonika over to my house too. Sonika was known to my wife and other friends. We have seen how both of them cared for each other."

Pritam added, "Instead of understanding his loss, people are crucifying him. This is gross injustice. I can vouch for the fact that Vikram would never do anything irresponsible which would cause any harm to Sonika. There are several evidences showing that they had gone on a holiday early this year. Close friends were privy to it."

Incidentally, actor Shaheb Bhattacharjee had told The Times Of India last week that he and Sonika had been in a relationship for four and a half years. "She was a part of my being, a part of my family . Our relationship would have completed five years in August and we were planning marriage by the end of this year, soon after my sister's wedding," Shaheb had said.