Vijay hails PM Modi’s demonetisation move

Not only Bollywood celebrities but also South Indian film fratenities are not behind in showering praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move. While taking to media, Ilayathalapathy Vijay said that its a bold step taken by the Prime Minister of India.

"This decision by the Central Government is a good thing. It is something that our country requires and we should welcome this bold move. I don't have any doubts that this will help in growing our country economy."

The actor added that he is conscious about the inconvenience caused to the common man. "When the intentions are big, there are bound to be some hassles. The hassles shouldn't grown bigger that the intentions of the move. I feel some things could have been avoided. Some general public couldn't eat and buy medicines. I felt that certain sections of the people, like the ones who make their living by earning 500 or 1000 a day, theatres, small shop traders and malls suffer for no mistake of theirs," he added.

"There would be about 20% rich people in the country. In that, for the mistake of a few percent of them, the remaining 80% people are suffering. Though the demonetisation move should be welcomed, govt should have planned well in advance to ensure that no common man suffer," said Vijay.

He further stressed that it is one of the bold moves taken by the government and it should be welcomed. He suggested that the move would be more fruitful if better precautionary measures been taken.

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