Vidya Balan dons 122 different looks in ‘Bobby Jasoos’

Bollywood has always been fussy about the looks of its actors but in recent years the craze has reached new height. There have been experiments going on with the looks of the actors in recent Hindi movies. So much so, that the film producers have even prohibited carrying a camera or cell phone to the film sets. All this is done to ensure that the looks of the lead actors or actresses doesn’t get leaked to the media. Vidya Balan has always been in spotlight for her get-ups in her movies. However, her looks in the film ‘Dirty Picture’ created a sensation and her look was a special attraction of the film.

It seems Vidya Balan is over doing herself in her upcoming movie, ‘Bobby Jasoos’. In this film she is playing the role of a lady detective with disguise being the part and parcel of her character. Vidya tried a whooping 122 looks for this film, out of these only ten or twelve of her looks are selected to be shown in the film. A close source informed that the makeup artist used to put six to eight different looks on the heroine while she patiently sat through the entire sessions. The looks that look most realistic on her were short listed. Also the relevancy of the looks for the story line was also discussed before selecting them.

The producer of the film, Dia Mirza while speaking about the long make up sessions, excitedly stated that, "The entire process of zeroing down on the final disguises that Vidya dons in Bobby Jasoos was one of fun filled discovery and experiments!! Our costume designer Theia and our special make up artiste Vidyadhar, worked tirelessly to conjure looks that would be entertaining to watch, whilst remaining in sync with the demands of the script. At the end I am thrilled that people are collectively wowed by the many transformations of the very versatile Vidya Balan."

We are looking forward to catch the looks of Vidya in the movie, which is slated to release on 4th July 2014. However, the teaser of the movie is out and is already making news. In the trailer Vidya is seen as a fisherwoman, a teacher, a dabbawala, a lawyer, a peon and an astrologer etc. The looks of her in the trailer are quite stunning and she is unrecognizable in the getups. Our kudos to the makeup artists for a job well done.