Vidya Says Her Husband is an Innocent Man

Vidya Balan has been on the receiving end of pregnancy rumors since the start of this year. Recently there were even reports of trouble in her marriage and a possible divorce. Apparently her husband producer Siddharth Roy Kapur has been getting close to a newcomer female actor. He was seen with her on a couple of occasions and has been promoting her heavily.  Recently reports had come out that Vidya Balan is cancelling all her overseas assignment and even films so that she can keep an eye on her husband.

 Vidya however had strongly denied all rumors surrounding her personal life. To prove the rumors false, Vidya and her husband has been appearing in parties and events together hand in hand. Recently at a press conference of the film 'Bobby Jasoos’ where she plays a detective, Vidya was asked whether keeping a tab on her husband was a part of her preparation routine for the role of a detective. To this question Vidya replied, "Please keep Siddharth out of this. He is very bhola (read innocent) especially in a topic like this”. Then she was asked whether she has ever acted like a detective in real life and spied on someone.  Vidya replied that she has been, "doing just a bit here and there".

 Meanwhile the trailer of her film 'Bobby Jasoos’ has been released on YouTube and has elicited a very positive response from the viewers. The trailer video shows Vidya as Bobby, a girl trying to establish herself as a detective. She is seen speaking fluently in Hyderabadi accent because the plot of the film is set in Hyderabad. Some people are now questioning whether the story of spying on her husband was actually part of a promotional strategy for her detective film. Although rumors can be uncomfortable, they sure keep a star in the spotlight and this can be helpful for the publicity of an upcoming film. In addition to spying, looks like Vidya has also mastered the art of evading difficult questions. The pregnancy rumors started circulating ever since Vidya reportedly walked out of two film projects earlier this year.  Her friends had claimed that fatigue was the reason not pregnancy. Vidya later said that she is not yet ready for motherhood. after two back to back flops with ‘Ghanchakkar’ and ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’, she is now pinning big hopes on her new film. A reel success may very well save her from real life rumors.