Vidya moves near Shahid

Touted as the girl near door, Vidya Balan seems unable to tolerate Shahid Kapur’s closeness to Priyanka Chopra and so she has purchased a new flat next to Shahid Kapur’s residence. It is already been reported that Shahid and Priyanka are neighbors and the duo shares relationship more than just friends.

It is intolerable on Vidya’s part that Shahid is spending more time with Piggy Chops, she is feeling left out. Shahid-Priyanka’s relationship is very much talked about in tinselville as they are very much spotted loitering in parks and seen spending quality time in Cafés, chatting over coffee. Shahid and Vidya’s relationship bloomed during the days of ‘Kismat Konnection’ but before it could flourish, it died out silently. Soon after Shahid started to shoot for ‘Kaminay’, his love train again came on the track.

According to reports, Shahid is more serious about Priyanka than Vidya as he is more romantically linked to Piggy Chops than Vidya. After he came nearer to Priyanka, he cut connection with her and now Vidya is trying to create a space in Shahid's heart by shifting her abode near him.