Vidya covers nudity with bed sheet

Vidya BalanThe next-door, simple, down to earth gal Vidya Balan is no more carrying these titles as she shed her clothes for FHM. She like any other Bollywood actresses gets into sexy avatar to woo her male fans and to prove those people wrong that raises comments on her awful dressing sense. Vidya poses in an enormously hot and sexy manner for an international men’s magazine FHM. She shoots in different style and poses and the most eye-catching and attractable being the one that she has covered her nude body with white bed sheet.

Regarding the sultry photo shoot, Vidya said, "I think what we shot for the cover was really very interesting especially where we used sheets and all and it's just that there is a great sensuality to it. I always think that minimal make-up and no fuss hair takes away from everything and it's all about the eyes."

Vidya has not only shed her clothes for the shoot but also gets bold in her conversation. When asked what would it be like to have breakfast on bed, Vidya says, "If a guy had to make me breakfast in bed, I'd eat whatever he makes well.” She would want to go for the ‘aphrodisiac’ maple syrup with waffles, pancakes!