Vidya couldn’t kiss Tusshar

Vidya Balan was supposed to film a kissing scene with Tusshar Kapoor in her upcoming film, ‘Dirty Picture’ but unfortunately the smooching scene between Vidya and Tusshar could not be shot due to dragonflies attack.  Everything was set at the Ramoji studio in Hyderabad and Tusshar was just about to kiss Vidya but all of a sudden bunch of dragonflies entered the shooting area and disrupted everything.

It was getting inside the mouth and clothes of the crew member and to shoot under such circumstances was just impossible. On looking at the call of the situation, director Milan Luthria called off the shoot. The scene has to be shot at night but by the time the dragonflies left, it was almost morning.

The cast flew off to Mumbai and now the kissing scene will be shot in Mumbai later this month.

Director Milan Luthria confirmed the incident, "There were millions of those flies. They would get into our mouths and clothes," he recalls.