Vidya Balan turns red hot with bikini pic

When Vidya Balan’s morphed bikini picture hit the net, she was shooting abroad. She had no idea that such nasty things was going in her backdrop.  When her fake bikini picture started doing the rounds, Vidya turned red hot in anger. She has decided to sue the website which had put her face in a model donning a bikini.

The magazine that carried the fake picture said that they are not involved in this malicious activity. The spokesperson also informs, “The actress has given a go-ahead for a legal suit if the culprit (who’s behind creating the picture) is pin-pointed or a re-run of such an incident occurs. She is not going to sit tight if such a thing happens again. We are exploring legal options to stop this malice against actresses of Bollywood."

In the past, Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha had also encountered with such shameful incident.