Vidya Balan to shed weight for 'Kahaani 2'

The movie that changed the thought-process behind the way Indian filmmakers created their films and allotted roles to their film’s female leads has been “Kahaani”, that released this year. A woman-centric film, which had no male lead, or an item-number to gather masses or even a cameo by a superstar to ensure the movie pulls through at the box-office was the Vidya Balan starrer “Kahaani”. 

The film gathered tremendous positive response from the film fraternity, the audiences and the critics. Vidya Balan carried the film on her shoulders and made the world take notice of her acting abilities.

Now there is news that the film will have a part two which tentatively has been named “Kahaani 2”. What does not come as a surprise is that the leading lady is going to remain the same- Vidya Balan. However, the filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh has asked her this time around to lose weight.

Though she remains unruffled by the flak she receives due to her excess weight, finally she has been asked to shed all the flab, which she has gathered around in the past months, by her director. The shoot of Kahaani will begin sometime soon, but before all of that she needs to be in shape.

The reason behind such a demand by the director has been due to the hard-core action that the sequel to Kahaani will be infested with. This requires her to be lean, fit and shapelier.

When Sujoy Ghosh was contacted, this is what he said, “I want to start shooting Kahaani 2 from May next year. Vidya needs to be very agile in the film.”

Vidya had to gain weight for the film “The Dirty Picture”. She wanted to shed all the weight immediately after she finished shooting for the film but she could not as director Raj Kumar Gupta needed her to be of that weight for his film “Ghanchakkar”.

However, with “Kahaani 2” needing her lo lose excess of fat she finally can do what she wants, that is, be lean and fit. Sujoy Ghosh too on the other hand, is confident that she will be able to go back to her original shape. He said, “Given the kind of person Vidya is who can both gain and lose weight easily, this shouldn’t be a tall task for her”. When Vidya was contacted regarding these developments she was not available for comments.