Vidya Balan refuses to expose for MF Hussain

The report that is doing round the media about exposing for a portrait was completely rubbished by versatile actress Vidya Balan. Vidya’s close friend claims that the story is fabricated and just meant to bring down the actress’s dignity.

"The story is fabricated to damage her reputation and it hasn`t gone down well with the actress who has always maintained a dignified stance both in her personal and professional life," said the friend.

Vidya who is currently shooting for ‘Dirty Picture’ based on the life of Silk Smita was unavailable for the comment but it is said that Hussain finds Vidya very sensuous and wanted to put her in his canvas in nude.

"The news is absolutely hysterical. We are in the month of February and not April. Vidya has always maintained a dignified image and is one of the most respected stars in the industry. The reports are fabricated by parties with vested interests and if ever Vidya does decide to get a painting done, it will strictly be her face. Hope this puts an end to the speculation," said the friend.