Vidya Balan getting engaged to Siddharth

Finally, Vidya Balan has got the man of her dream. She is in love with the head honcho of UTV motion pictures, Siddharth Roy Kapur. Both of them are together for sometime and it is believed that Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy will soon engage rings.

A top industry source informs, "Vid and Sid are close. And in the past weeks they have been spotted spending quality time with each other on two occasions. The first time was when they reportedly stayed back after an awards night in Singapore and more recently when they were photographed in casual attire at a beach destination in India.''

Both are neighbors and they are spotted together at numerous places. Siddharth is not open about his relationship with Vidya as he is waiting for settlement with his first wife.

However, Vidya's secretary has rubbished all this news. He said, "Vidya has to first know Siddharth well enough to marry him. One doesn't necessarily marry people one is friendly to or has dinners with."