Video: Salman Khan in action mode in ‘Jai Ho’ trailer

Salman Khan will again be seen doing high dose of action in his upcoming film, ‘Jai Ho’. The superstar will be seen beating the baddies and mouthing some catchy dialogues. He fights against the injustice and corrupt system. The two leading actress Sana Khan and Daisy Shah were nowhere in the trailer but Tabu who is playing Salman’s elder sister was seen in the trailer.

Salman Khan unveiled the trailer amidst fans at the Chandan cinema in the presence of media and his fans. Huge crowd was noticed and with every scene, the ardent fans of Salman was whistling and clapping.

"If you like the trailer, please stay here and if you didn't like it please move out," he said.

When Salman was asked why the title was changed from ‘Mental’ to ‘Jai Ho’, he replied, "'Mental' was a working title and if at all we had gone ahead with 'Mental', maybe people have stated calling us as Mental Khan... I dont have a problem but the other Khans may not like it. Besides my father didn't like the title 'Mental' and we must listen to our father... 'Jai Ho' was also suggested by my father."

Directed by Sohail Khan, ‘Jai Ho’ is slated for 14th January, 2014 release.

Watch the trailer below:-