Kareena unaware about Mars mission video goes viral

If in one hand, India is celebrating Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) then on the other hand Kareena Kapoor Khan, one of the top Bollywood actresses has showed her lack of knowledge on current affairs during Head and Shoulder campaign event, endorsed by the actress.

Dressed in blue outfit, Kareena made a joke of herself when she was asked about the historic moment, Mangalyan. When Kareena was asked to share her views about India becoming first country to enter Mars’s orbit, she seems totally blank.

The reporter first asked the question in Hindi but Kareena failed to understand, she asked him to ask the question in English even though she failed to understand.  

She asked the reporter to repeat the question and Kareena’s reaction was like “what…what…what?” and then she added, “I need a translator. Ask your question in English.”

When the reporter asked the question in English, she seems totally blank. Finally, the event’s anchor came to Kareena’s rescue and put the question to her.

Bebo's reply was totally bizarre, she said, “it feels "Great and that’s a great day for us". She also added that she too wants to go to space someday.