Video of Deepika Padukone’s tipsy moment at Met Gala goes viral

Before hitting the pink carpet at Met Gala 2019, Deepika Padukone dressed like a Barbie tripped while rehearsing. Video of the diva holding a wine glass and managing her steps in a Zac Posen long pink strapless gown's train goes viral.

The video showed how just minutes before hitting the pink carpet, Deepika lost her balance while rehearsing her steps in Zac Posen’s long gown. She was sipping wine with a straw and almost tripped but regained her control and saved from falling. The incident took place in a hotel lobby as few people were helping her with the long train gown.

Yesterday, Vogue shared a video of showcasing Deepika’s dress trial. Captioning it they wrote, “‘It’s not a dress, it’s like art,” @deepikapadukone noted of the many-layered confection on Sunday at @zacposen’s studio, just 24 hours before the #MetGala—and the first time she saw the dress in real life.”

Deepika’s Barbie avatar at the event earned her huge accolades. Fashion critics showered praise on her including her actor hubby Ranveer Singh.

He shared different pictures of the actress and captioned it differently. For one picture, Ranveer wrote, "Come on Barbie, let's go party". His comment was accompanied with a wink and lip emoji. For another picture from the same event, he wrote "Queen" and "Unreal" and sent his love in the form of heart emojis.

In one of the pictures, that her stylist Shaleena Nathani shared, Ranveer commented: "Love it! Smashing!" and on another one, he wrote "Stunner!"

She wore a Zac Posen custom metallic pink gown and opted for a high puffed ponytail. She has finished her look with dark lip colour and she has decorated her eyes with glitters. She is accessorised with large earrings and a silver bracelet.

This year the Met gala is based on Notes on Camp, an essay written in 1964 by American author Susan Sontag and the theme is called "Camp: Notes on Fashion." The Costume Institute's head curator Andrew Bolton of the Metropolitan Museum of Art told news agency AFP: "Camp is by nature subversive (...) confronting and challenging the status quo... In the end, the purpose of camp is to put a smile on our faces and a warm glow in our hearts."