Video goes viral: Hrithik grooves to ‘Aaja aaja main hoon pyar tera’

Hrithik Roshan recently amused fans by releasing a video of himself. The video features him in the avatar of the character Rohit Mehra shown in both his super hit flicks ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ and ‘Krrish’. He had made this video while he took a short break from the shooting of ‘Krrish 3’.

When the media was curious as to what triggered these sudden dance moves, Hrithik replied, “It's just something I did spontaneously on the last day of enacting the character of Rohit. Guess I wanted to celebrate and immortalize him since he dies in Krrish 3. I love the way some people let go, break free and just dance not caring about how they look but just enjoy the music...That's how Rohit would dance. And I wanted to experience that for myself. So I just went crazy!”

In the video, Hrithik can be seen dancing to the tunes of Shammi Kapoor’s famous song ‘Aaja aaja main hoon pyar tera’, dressed in purple shirt, black trousers, wearing spectacles and a golfer’s cap to complete the classic look. He dances in a carefree manner, totally enjoying the moves in his vanity van. The must watch video starts with him peeping childishly into the camera, followed by shaking his head and legs in a funny way, just to make his audience laugh! All through the dance, his expressions are very humorous and cute, and bring out the child within him. He also adjusts his belt somewhere in the middle of the video, and then starts lip singing as the vocals begin in the song. The funny face making and lip singing continue while he once again makes watchers laugh by pulling up his pants. He hasn’t displayed any of his typical break dance moves in the video, but it is still quite entertaining as he dances freely, stopping sometimes to check his looks in the mirror.

He has always pleased his fans with his sexy and totally amazing break dance moves. But this time, the actor brought in adorable comedy by relieving the character of Rohit. According to the people who work alongside Hrithik at the movie sets, he likes to remain energetic throughout the day.  He never sits down idle even while they are not shooting. He is always up to something on the sets and loves to do something creative and new while he is free. So this recent dance video that is creating such a buzz, is the result of such playful nature of the actor!