Video games inspired by Bollywood

Bollywood seems to be matching the steps in marketing and promotion of a movie with Hollywood, with the instances of release of movie based video games on the rise. With the recent release of the Play station version of Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie Ra.One, this trend has gained more momentum.

Here is a look at some of the movie-to-game transition in Bollywood in the recent past.

1. Ra.One










Very recently actor Shahrukh Khan has provided us with a glimpse of the Play Station game version of his hugely anticipated movie Ra.One. The game is all set to be released just a month before the actual movie release

2. Krishh











The game version of this movie is the effort of a frantic fan. Though the graphics are not that great and the plot looks stolen from the classic Mario or Contra, they seem to be justified considering the fact that not much investment was made to generate the game version of the movie. Nevertheless, this can be thought as a rightful game adoption of the movie that lacked originality to a good extent.

3. Singham








Rohit Shetty used the mobile gaming arena to promote his recent movie “Singham” , which turned out be a right step with the movie being a huge hit at the box office.

The mobile game shows the hero “Bajirao Singham” chasing the bad guys in the streets of Goa , with a lot of challenges thrown in.

4. Love Story 2050
Love Story 2050






Though this movie was one of the worst flop movies in the recent times, the science fiction movie had given enough scope for the gaming industry to show its capabilities. It was supposed to be turned to a full fledged PC game by “Rocking Pixels”. But the project seems to be still lying in the pipeline.

5. Dhoom2
Dhoom 2













Sadly , the mammoth success of the movie could not assist its game version much. FX Labs which announced the production of a full fledged PC game based on this movie has done nothing but released some images of the characters till date.

6. Ghajini













It was India’s first 3D action game based on a Bollywood movie, but it lacks originality and disappoints by its length of only 15 minutes.

Undoubtedly, the games inspired by these highly popular movies are a huge hit among the Bollywood movie fans. After enjoying the movie, the virtual world of games provides the fans with an exhilarating and interactive experience to re-live the magic of their favorite flick for a long time.

Love Story 2050