Viaan’s mom Shilpa beats Aaradhya’s mom Aishwarya

Shilpa Shetty has regained her actual toned body in just few months of her baby birth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is still carrying the post baby flab. Viaan Raj Kundra is just few months younger than Aaradhya but Shilpa being a fitness freak got into exercise regime and lost 18 kilos which is beyond imagination. Shilpa made use of the initial nine months of baby birth when they sleep tight for long hours.

Shilpa lost around 18 kilos post baby birth. When she was asked how she got back into shape so soon after pregnancy, she replied, “I have always been known for my body, health and fitness. However, for five months after Viaan was born I didn’t think of my weight. I was not able to do some things that I used to do earlier as I had put on 20 kilos. I realised this one day when I bent to pick up Viaan. More than about not being fat it was about being fit. Fortunately, I had a good trainer. After five-and-a-half months of exercise I had lost 18 kilos”.

“If I can lose weight, anyone can. I would like to tell new mothers not to ignore themselves. It’s just about exercising for an hour every day for four-five days a week and eating right. Usually, mothers use the excuse of not having any time for exercising, as they are busy looking after the child. But that’s just being lazy. For the first nine months, a child sleeps a lot. Mothers should utilise that time to do some cardio and gymming. Remember you are doing it for yourself and to be fit”, Shilpa’s tips for the new mommies.

Shilpa is judging dance reality show, ‘Nach Baliye’ and when she was asked how she manage, Shilpa said, “I had to shoot only for one day in a week, which is the main reason I took it up. We shoot on Tuesdays which is why every Monday I start getting withdrawal symptoms. I start thinking about being away from my son Viaan for 12 hours, which is pretty long. It is really difficult to leave him but I have great support from my family. For one, my husband (Raj Kundra) takes an off that day and even my mother and sister are around to care for him”.

Shilpa is currently not taking up films as it requires ample amount of time and she can’t afford to stay away long from her baby as he is too small now. But she might produce a film soon.

Well, Aishwarya might take few fitness tips from Shilpa!