Viaan, Yug, Nysa, Saira at Aaradhya’s fairytale birthday

On November 16th, Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter Aaradhya turned 2 and the proud parents hold a fairytale birthday party at their bungalow, Pratiksha. A host of little guests with their parents were invited and cute Aaradhya had a fun time with her friends.

The entire bungalow was decorated with green, white and yellow lights, balloons and the decoration was inspired by children's television shows like CBeebies, Teletubbies, Tinkerbell, the cutouts of variety beautiful butterflies are the highlight of the party. They have also installed a bubble machine for children’s fun.

All the arrangements were made under the supervision of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Ash made sure that the children had lots of fun. Special handouts were also given to the little cute guests as return gifts. The children were given basket of candies.

“In the evening, the lights came on, the bungalow looked liked a fairy tale castle as thelights on the trees were of shapes of characters from CBeebies and Teletubbies and Tinker Bell, the carousel, etc. Going with the theme, the cake also had green, pink and yellow shades. There was a bubble spewing machine and huge cut outs of butter flies,” adds a guest.

Ash received compliments for such a lovely arrangement.

“Aishwarya was personally looking after each and everything and all the arrangements were done by her. She was complimented by some mothers present for the grand arrangement. Each child went home happy armed with a personalised return gift keeping their ages in mind,” said the source.

The guests include Hrithik and Suzanne’s two sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan Roshan. They came with their dad Hrithik, Viaan Raj Kundra came with mum Shilpa Shetty, Nysa and Yug Devgn with mum Kajol, Saira Bhupathi with mother Lara Dutta, Azad Khan also came to wish Aaradhya with mother Kiran Rao and more.

Shilpa Shetty's son Viaan Raj Kundra, thanked Aaradhya for having him over for the party.

@ViaanRajKundra: Happy birthday Aaradhya thank you for having me over. I Ate my first chocolate today shhhh!! Explains the sugar high!!

Fashion photographer Dabboo Ratnani was also at the party with his three children, he tweeted: AB @juniorbachchan , Aaradhya 's B'day Party was Beautiful. Myrah, Kiara & Shivaan Had The Most Amazing Time Ever! God Bless Your Lil One.

Instead of lavish bash, Ash and Abhi opted for a private birthday party for Aaradhya.