Viaan has prayed for Samisha for three years, Shilpa Shetty

The world celebrate Mother’s Day today and on this special occasion Shilpa Shetty feels blessed to be a mother of two kids, Viaan and Samisha. She has been a mother to Viaan for eight years but Samisha came to Raj, Shilpa and Viaan’s life last February. The actress feels truly blessed to celebrate Mother’s Day today with two children.

Samisha was born to the couple on February 15 via surrogacy. The 44-year-old revealed that it was her son’s prayers and desire for a sister that brought Samisha to their lives.

“A lot of Viaan’s friends have siblings and he always missed that. He’s a very social kid and when you live in a set up when there are no other children in the building, the child gets very lonely. He’d ask both Raj (Kundra, husband) and me ‘why don’t I have a sibling?’ and he was very clear that he wanted a sister. We visit Shirdi once every year and for the past three years, he’d stand and pray that he wants a baby sister. When we got the news that we were blessed with a girl, it felt so surreal. Viaan has prayed for Samisha for three years, I feel he has only manifested it,” she gushes.

Shilpa said motherhood teaches a woman everything. “You can’t be taught being a mother. It’s something I’ve begun to understand. No one can tell you that you’re doing this wrong. You do things to the best of your knowledge, sensibility and ability,” she says.

Talking about taking care of Samisha, she said, “I became a mother and I took 15 days off before Samisha came into the world. And fortunately for me, I got all this time to spend with her because of the lockdown after she came into this world. For the last couple of months, I am stuck to her, doing everything her massages to feeding her.”

Having a daughter is also the couple’s wish. “Having a daughter is the best thing on the planet, really. We were two girls and the kind of bond that we’ve shared with our parents is unique and beautiful. I don’t expect that my son would call me 20 years down the line every day, but I know that my daughter will,” says Shetty.

“We did try for a long time. But I had a lot of complications. I also did try for adoption but something went wrong. Surrogacy was an option which I chose and it was actually the last option. We got finally had Samisha, which is a blessing,” she concludes.