Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee’s condition critical, doctors fear cancer

Legendary Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee remains to be critical at Kolkata’s belle Vue hospital. He is not on ventilator but his condition is unstable. A team of 16 doctors are monitoring his health. He was given plasma therapy for Covid-19. Doctors are looking into non-Covid complications and while treating him, they fear the possibility of prostate cancer which spread to the lungs and brain.

Doctors are trying to find exact cause of encephalopathy or swelling of the brain that is worsening his condition and "likely invasive airway protection".

The 85-year-old thespian is "confused, restless, agitated, barely arousable with involuntary limb movements," a medical report shared by the hospital said Sunday evening.

Mr Chatterjee was given first dose of plasma therapy on Saturday and second dose on Sunday. He is also been given Remdesivir, steroids, anticoagulants and oxygen therapy.

"His sodium level has been corrected but his potassium level is low and is being corrected. Chatterjee is very drowsy, severely disoriented and restless. His oxygen saturation level has been brought to normal and he does not have a fever but he is still in the high-risk zone," the doctor told PTI.

The actor's daughter Poulomi Basu earlier said his vital health parameters are normal. "As per the doctors' team attending to my father, he is maintaining his vital parameters and is stable on this account. His blood pressure is normal and he is not requiring oxygen administration at the moment," Basu said in a statement.

"There has been no deterioration on account of his comorbidities including a high PSA count, pneumonia tendencies and compromised lungs which is a good sign," Basu added.

Here’s wishing the thespian a speedy recovery!