Veteran actor Shagufta Ali seriously ill, seeks financial help

Popular actor Shagufta Ali is seriously fighting health issue and she seeks financial help to deal with her current situation.

The actor was diagnosed with third-stage breast cancer a few years back but recovered well. Following her recovering, she met with multiple accidents on sets. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes and developed many health issues.

“I have pain in my feet and even numbness. The high blood sugar level has even harmed my eyes and I need to get proper medical aid,” she told

Shagufta decided to talk about her situation on a suggestion of her close ones. “I know someone, who is more like a daughter to me. She knew about everything and told me that it was high time I talk about it, so that I get help. While I wasn’t sure, I took it as Allah’s will and decided to seek help.”

Speaking about receiving help, Shagufta Ali said, “I am quite close to Neena ji (Neena Gupta), and had told her about it. She did help me earlier, and so did Sumeet Raghavan and Sushant Singh. I am thankful to them. And now CINTAA has also reached out, and I will discuss the matter with them.”

The 54-year-old said that more than monetary help, she wants to get back to work when her health permits. “Till the time I don’t get fit I need some financial help. Because I have to pay off liabilities, loans, bills. I also have to look after my mother, and for the same I need money,” she shared.

The actor added that she had sufficient work for 32 years but the last four years have been difficult, “I always thought it was a rough patch and things will be fine. However, it went on to become a very long patch.” To survive the same, she sold off her car and jewellery and has even used up all her savings. “I never had too much saved. Whatever I earned, I spent it on necessities as I had a lot of responsibilities,” she added.

Shagufta Ali misses her father and brother, whom she left few years back. “They would have given me moral support. As of now, my mother is my backbone. She is my emotional support.”

The actor said, “I never thought that after working for 36 years, I would ever face such a situation. I hope no one ever faces such difficult times. I just pray to Allah that he helps me and everyone who is having a tough time.”