Veteran actor Ravi Patwardhan passes away at 84

Noted Hindi and Marathi actor Ravi Patwardhan breathed his last on Sunday morning due to age related issues. He was 84.

Sunil Bhosle, the producer of Patwardhan’s TV show Agabai Sasubai, confirmed the news to He said, “I had spoken to him just some fifteen days back because we had to start shooting for our show. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we had made some changes in the story in a way that he was able to shoot from home. He was shooting till the very end. He died of age related health issues; he was 84 years old. In February he had two heart attacks, and he had recovered.”

“As he was shooting from home, I had told him that it would be great to see him back on sets in the post Covid-19 times. And he had said, ‘i am not sure if that would happen'”, Bhosle added.

In his long career tenure, Ravi Patwardhan played a variety of roles. He starred in films like Jhanjaar, Bond, Yeshwant, Ankush (Hindi), Ashya Asawya Suna (Marathi), Umbartha (Marathi), Tejab (Hindi), Jyotiba Phule (Marathi).

The actor has acted in more than 150 plays and more than 200 Hindi and Marathi films.

May his soul rest in peace!