Veerappan plotted to kidnap Rajinikanth: Ram Gopal Varma

Director Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming movie ‘Veerappan’ is a biographical film on the life of the infamous forest brigand and the events leading to his death. The filmmaker interacted with the bandit’s ex-gang members and others associated with him, to collect materials for the biopic.

Known for his bold and controversial outbursts, RGV has revealed that Veerappan was planning to kidnap superstar Rajinikanth. The ‘Satya’ maker had learnt about it from sources close to the dacoit, according to a report in a leading daily.

Quoting a source, the report stated that a particular scene in the movie shows Veerappan’s plot to kidnap Rajinikanth, just like he abducted Kannada film star Rajkumar in July 2000. Kidnapping people in return for favours has always been a part of the dacoit’s modus operandi.

The film about the infamous sandalwood and ivory smuggler his narrated through the eyes of those who were involved in his encounter. RGV had also gathered his research material based on interviews with people who used to mediate between him and the government, and officers who were a part of the operation to nab him.

RGV said that from all the truth he gathered, Veerappan's story was unbelievable. But what is even more unbelievable is the drama which went behind the plan to kill him.

Veerapan was killed in October 2004 by the personnel of Tamil Nadu Special Task Force. The bandit and his men were lured into an ambulance by an undercover policeman under the pretext of taking them for medical treatment. The Special Task Force, which had been observing his movements for several months, surrounded the ambulance and killed the dacoits in the ensuing gun battle. The entire operation to nab the gangster was named Operation Cocoon.

Actor Sandeep Bharadwaj plays the title role in ‘Veerappan’, while Sachiin Joshi, Usha Jadhav and Lisa Ray play pivotal roles. Sachiin is also producing the film under the banner of Viiking Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

The movie is scheduled to release on May 27. 

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