Veena proposes Hrishant on Bigg Boss

There is a total confusion in Bigg Boss. First, we saw Sara Khan tore her long time boyfriend Ali Merchant’s photographs and making way for actor Ashmit Patel. Then we saw Veena Malik spending night in Ashmit’s arm and gelled with him like lovers. The way she mingles with Ashmit, it clearly indicates that she loves him and very serious about him. Then there is a sudden twist in the tale. Veena Malik says she loves Hrishant Goswami.

Veena asked Ashmit to convey her love to Hrishant. Dolly Bindra advised Veena to speak about her feelings to the man she loves by herself otherwise there would be lots of confusion.

Veena went up to Hrishant and expressed what she feels for him. He politely responds saying that he finds her very cute but he is not interested in a relationship.

 Let's see where it ends up.