Veena Malik's first on-screen lip-lock revealed

It seems Veena Malik and the word ‘controversy’ has become synonymous.  The sex bomb from Pakistan has been shrouded in controversies from the very first days that she set her foot in Bollywood. The reality game show ‘Big Boss’ introduced Veena Malik to the Indian television audience.

She was an eye candy and effortlessly won the attention of the men. However, very soon her relation with Ashmit Patel started raising questions. The other contestants of the show reported that they were many a time seen in intimate contact and that made others uncomfortable. However, the love birds could not be more indifferent to the hue and cry. As a result the season 4 of Big Boss was a big hit. However the relation between the two soon fizzled out and died out soon after the completion of the reality show.

After keeping a low profile for some time, Veena soon bounced back to the headlines with her photo shoot for the men’s magazine ‘FHM’. She shed her top for doing the photo shoot. The magazine cover and the center spread did catch the attention of the media. Amidst all the hullaballoo, Veena Malik did try to say that the pictures were superimposed. Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to her words.

Now she has shed her clothes for her debut Bollywood movie. Though, ‘Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hain’ is a B-grade movie, she hasn’t thought twice about compromising her modesty. In the poster of the film, she is seen using currency notes to cover her well endowed chest. Her hero in the movie is Raja Chaudhary. Anand Balraj is directing the movie. After a long long time Jackie Shroff and Shakti Kapoor will be seen acting in this movie.

As if all these were not enough, Veena has gone ahead and shot her first lip lock on the screen too. It is the music video ‘Drama Queen’ that shows her smooching. The seductive video shows a bolder Veena. She somewhat also tries to copy Priyanka Chopra, whose international music album recently got released.

Not a person to let go of a chance to create controversy, she characteristically dedicated the song to all her fans who are homosexual. We wonder about what her next move will be to stay in the limelight. Whatever it might be, there is no doubt that will be bolder and hence entertaining.