Veena Malik weds Dubai based businessman

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik gets married to Dubai based businessman, Asad Bashir Khan Khattak. It was heard that Veena and Asad had a court marriage at Emirates court and soon the couple will perform nikaah, according to Muslim ritual.

The Pakistani model-actress tweeted a picture saying: "I have found my Soul mate.... my Partner!!!

The picture shows Veena and her partner donned a ring in their right fingers. Her partner is said to be Veena’s father’s close friend’s son.

Couple of days a picture of the actress and Norway based businessman Umar Farooq was flashed in media. Speculation was high then that she will enter into wedlock with Umar. Veena and Farooq have been spotted in various occasions. It was rumored that the duo had decided to tie the knot in 2015.

Umar Farooq is a Norwegian gold trader and real estate tycoon. He is a reserved person and did not want to make his affair with Veena public. Away from the prying eyes of paparazzi, he spends time with the sexy gal.

Recently, the couple were spotted at Atlantis Dubai. There has been no official confirmation of wedding from Veena or Umar.

It was also said that Veena Malik delayed her wedding as she wants time to make big in Bollywood. She has few projects in hand and before settling down, she wants to wrap up those projects. So, Veena has delayed the marriage. They are said to have met in Dubai in March this year through a mutual friend.  For Umar, it was not love at first sight. After couple of meetings, he fell for Veena’s charm. It is heard that it was Veena who first fell in love with Umar.

Veena Malik became a household name in Indian after her stint in ‘Bigg Boss 4’. She was very much talked about for her close association with Ashmit Patel but after the show got over, trouble brew between the two and they separated.

Veena acted with Ashmit in ‘Supermodel’ and she said that she had a tough time shooting the intimate scene with Ashmit as she is no more close to him. She was also seen in movies like, ‘Zindagi 50-50’ and ‘Dirty Picture’ of south version.

Veena Malik created controversy when she appeared nude for FHM magazine cover. Annoyed Muslim group also issued fatwa against the actress.