Veena Malik takes a dig at Sunny Leone

Controversial Pakistani model turned actress Veena Malik who came into limelight with her ‘Bigg Boss’ stint is making news quite often for her hot photo shoot for movies. The actress who has been tagged as bold and hot find those adjectives unjustified for her. According to Sunny, many A-lister actresses sport bikini or enact lovemaking scene on-screen then why nobody is discussing about them and why she is always targeted. While commenting about the matter, she took a dig at Sunny Leone, Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam Pandey and Rozlyn Khan who makes news for their bold act.

She said “That is something that even I have been trying to decode. Why do people talk about me all the time? I have not done anything that others haven`t. Am I the only one to wear a bikini, or to kiss on screen or for that matter give a backless shot in my films? So many actresses, even A-listers, have done all this. Then why only I`m being targeted? I am really puzzled about this.”

On comparing Veena with Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam Pandey and Rozlyn Khan already are, she said “Well, it`s totally unfair to compare me with them. I am not a porn star. I have never given a frontal nude shot. People always misunderstand this. There is a difference between a backless scene and a frontal nude scene. I don`t understand why people compare me with them.”

Veena also said, “I am targeted because I am from Pakistan. My recent comment on Sarabjit’s case led to bad comments by people on social networking sites. I only speak on issues that matter to me. If there is peace between the two countries, I will be happier.”

The controversial actress is all set to woo her audience with her acting skills in ‘Zindagi 50-50’, which will hit theatres May 24, 2013. She will also be seen in the South remake of Hindi film, ‘The Dirty Picture’.