Veena Malik refuses to lock-lips with Ashmit Patel

Sexy siren Veena Malik refused to lock-lips with her alleged boyfriend Ashmit Patel. Veena and Ashmit are shooting film ‘Supermodel’. Veena has shot few steamy scenes with Ashmit but when she was asked to smooch the actor, she refused.
“When I narrated the lip-lock scene to Veena, she refused to do it. I had to convince her lot to do that scene. There are around three to four lip-lock scenes in the film between Veena and Ashmit, said the director of the film Navin Batra.  
“Both the actors were not on talking terms when they shot for the intimate scene but they shot for the scene. But after a point they were not comfortable, so I had to cut a few scenes”, Navin added.
Veena and Ashmit was couple at one point of time but now they were not on talking terms. They parted ways a few months after ‘Bigg Boss 5’ was over. They met on the set of ‘Bigg Boss 5’ and their love story blossomed. Their romance on the show raised the TRPs of the show when they openly romance in front of cameras installed at Bigg Boss house. But when the show ended up, their romance too gradually faded.
The director intentionally cast the ex controversial couple. Navin Batra said, “Veena suited the role and they are the most controversial and best selling couple. Yes, it was difficult to convince both of them but despite not being on talking terms, they accepted the role and took it professionally”.
In ‘Supermodel’, Veena Malik plays a supermodel and Ashmit plays a photographer.

The film is slated to release on 27th September.