Veena Malik is married in Pakistan, Rakhi Sawant

Targeting the controversial Pakistani starlet Veena Malik few days before th reality show, ‘Veena Ka Vivaah’ goes on-air, item girl Rakhi Sawant said that Veena Malik is already married in Pakistan and in India she is in a live-in relationship with actor Ashmit Patel.

“I haven’t seen anybody more irresponsible than her. She goes into hiding like a Gaddafi saying she’s unwell. You only go into hiding if you are guilty. She is fooling the whole world. The whole industry knows that she is married and now, she is in a live-in relationship with Ashmit Patel. I haven’t heard of any man wanting to marry a married woman, and who’s living in with another man. I want to know where these contestants (grooms) are coming from,” asks Rakhi.

Rakhi further said that she is still married and not yet filed for divorce. “You just need to see the reports that have come out in Pakistan. They mention that she got married to a Pakistani man. Regarding her live-in relationship, there is even a more solid proof with me. The legal notice that was sent to a magazine when they published her nude images (a copy of which is with DNA), the home address that was mentioned there was in fact Ashmit’s home. So, she’s not only living in with Ashmit at the moment, she has also used his address as his home address in court documents,” informs Rakhi adding, “And a woman like that is getting married on television.”

Let’s wait and see how much truth has in Rakhi’s word.