Veena is a bookie, claims journalist Dheeraj

Indian photo-journalist Dheeraj Dikshit who was accused of spot-fixing by Veena Malik claims that Pakistani actress Veena Malik is a bookie. He accused her of match-fixing and divulged that she is still in touch wit her ex-boyfriend, Mohammed Asif.

Dheeraj Dikshit has written a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs demanding cancellation of her visa. "I have written a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs, demanding the cancellation of her visa.

I don''t want her to remain in India for a minute. She has tarnished my image, left me unemployed.

"It''s an assassination of my character. I am not being able to pay attention towards anything.

I want the government to take defiant action against Veena," said an angry Dheeraj. "The Colors channel is portraying her like a big celebrity.

How can you cast a characterless person in any Indian show? One needs to understand she tried to drag an Indian national into the murky world of betting and fixing. She is a criminal, a match-fixer," claimed the controversial photographer.

He revealed that in the month of January he got a call from the model-turned-actress in Dhaka. "I have never met her and during our first interaction, she tried to become very friendly.

"Veena was aware of the fact that I was good friends with Asif and so she contacted me. She said we could strike a big deal if I wish so.

She said she is managing seven top players and to substantiate her claims, she told me the results of Pakistan''s upcoming series with Australia, Sri Lanka and England. Later, I found, her claims were all true," said Dheeraj.