Veena fully drunk and cozy with Hrishant

Pakistani actress Veena Malik was again in the news for all wrong reasons. After Asmit Patel, she has captured model Hrishant Goswami. Buzz is that Veena seduces Hrishant Goswami and both were indulged in snuggling in the Bigg Boss house.

After the grand finale, Salman Khan threw a bash at his apartment. In the party, Veena and Hrishant were so much drunk that they could not control themselves and got cozy in the presence of other guests. Unable to handle their movements, the two decided to move to their rooms.

The two left together from the party and asked their driver to take them to the nearby Dukes resort.

Confirming the news, a source said, “Both Hrishant and Veena were very drunk and they had already started getting intimate at the party. We later learned that they asked the driver to take them to Dukes.”

“Veena and Hrishant were seemingly too busy making out that they lost the track of where they were going. They only came to their senses when they found themselves parked outside Dukes Company in Chembur in Mumbai. Fir kya tha? Bechaara driver. They fired him and wound up going to their respective put ups,” added the source.

First Ashmit and then Hrishant, it seems Veena Malik’s list doesn’t end.