Varun Dhawan says he is ready to marry girlfriend Natasha Dalal

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are going strong and the ‘Badlapur’ actor says he is ready to settle down.

Talking about her girlfriend, he said, “I have someone, who isn’t with me just because I’m an actor. It’s amazing to have someone like that in your life. We bond over each other and that’s the main thing. We’ve known each other for too long, so the connection is deep. It’s like family. It’s always been so.”

"My first love is films and everyone in my life knows that. After that comes Natasha, my family, and my friends. I just don't make relationships to let go of them." He expressed his thought about marriage, "I'm for it. I don't know when. But I'm totally for it for sure." 

Varun says glamour industry doesn’t excite Natasha, he said: “Everyone is not born in the industry. So everyone’s not as excited to be part of the glamour world.”

When asked how Natasha reacts to his link-ups rumours with heroines, he said, “She doesn’t react. Honestly, it doesn’t matter now. She’s read so many stories. Even when I’m with her, there’s a story of me being somewhere else. She’s grown used to it by now. We’ve never let that be part of our relationship.”