'Punish the rapists', appeals Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

The issue of increasing crime against women has touched people of various sections of the society. Recently legendary Sarod player Ustad Amjad Ali Khan has also spoken out against the rapists and has urged the government to take serious action to put an end to this menace.  He said, "Severe punishment should be given to those found guilty of rape.'' The classical music stalwart was in Coimbatore on Monday to play at a concert. He was accompanied by his two musician sons- Amaan Ali and Ayaan Ali. Before the concert he was speaking to the reporters when he made the comments. He also said, "We take pride in calling Bharat Mata. But women continue to suffer unspeakable injustices…The issue needs to be given serious attention.''

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan also emphasized the importance of living a disciplined life. He also added that while disciplined lifestyle was more or less maintained in the South, it was missing in some parts of North India. He said, “ragas in music are descending and ascending but in the society, we have to maintain the discipline.” The Padma Vibhusan award winner said that it is through discipline music has maintained its freedom over 5000 years. He also urged politicians to work to ensure that several religions co-exist in the country peacefully. He said, "Music has no religion. But in our country there are so many religions. That's why we need to work towards maintaining peace.''

Ustad Amjad Ali and his sons have touring the world in recent months playing concerts in different locations across the USA.  They also took part in UN concert in March. The maestro had previously expressed his happiness at the growing number of young musicians in India. He had said, "I am very happy that there are many musicians in India in Amaan and Ayaan`s generation, much more than what we had several years ago. We have very talented young sitar and table players, vocalists and dancers. All of them are at an advantageous situation because of the growth of technology and online platforms which we did not have earlier… Today in India there are a lot of Sarod players, maybe I inspired them."  He had dedicated his UN concert to world peace and harmony. Ustad Amjad Ali had said, “We are very keen that through music there should be peace all over. So many countries like Syria, Egypt today are facing war."

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