Urvashi Sharma’s blouse malfunction

Actresses often face wardrobe malfunction. Few days back, Katrina Kaif’s saree went much higher above her knees while shooting a rain song with Akshay Kumar for Priyadarshan’s ‘De Dhan Dhan’ and the poor cast and the crew had hard time in trying to keep their eyes away from it. Actress Urvashi Sharma also faced with the same consequence while shooting for Priyadarshan’s film in Kerala.

The button of Urvasi’s blouse went unbutton thereby exposing her secret asset. She quickly covered herself with hands. The crew member run to her rescue and she immediately rushed to her vanity van. Luckily, not many people were present on the set except choreographer Pony Verma and the unit. Urvashi was little bothered at first but she became normal soon and carried on with her scene.

Wardrope malfunction was previously common with models but now our actresses are also going through it.