Upen Patel opens up about split with Karishma

Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna officially called off their relationship. They informed the world about their current relationship status through a tweet. Upen Patel break-up tweets reads as: '2 much has come 2light & shown its true colours. love is never easy and when a certain foundation is broken it's impossible 2move forward.'

However, a day later, Upen informed that all was fine between Karishma and him and they are just taking time off each other to sort some issues. He says, "It's not a break-up. Every relationship goes through ups and downs. We definitely love each other, but at the moment, we are not in a good space. And hence, we have decided to take time apart from each other and evaluate our relationship. We love each other, but this is a tough time for us. We hope to get through this phase and get back together. We are trying to work out our differences and come back stronger."

Upen said that many felt that it was just a publicity gimmick. "It's insulting when people feel we are faking it. I have been in the industry for long and don't have to stoop so low for publicity. Also, the woman (Karishma) we are talking about is an Indian woman. Do you think she has been faking a relationship with me?"

Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna started dating on the set of ‘Bigg Boss’ and was in a relationship after the show ended. the couple in many times shared pictures from their vacation and looked truly in love. But finally something went wrong between the two and part ways.

Upen retaliates, "We are not here to prove anything to anybody. As public figures, our personal life is always under scrutiny, but we are more concerned about our feelings and families. What people say is immaterial and I don't really care about it."

Upen said that he still believes in love. "Two people will find a way, if they want to be together. I believe in love."