Unidentified man fires a few shots at filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s office

In a scene straight out of bollywood, an unidentified man enters Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt’s office and fires two shots. However this is not a bollywood scene, but a real-life incident that took place at the producer-director’s office at D.N.Nagar, Juhu. Fortunately, neither of the Bhatts was present at office at the time of firing. Also nobody was injured in the shootout.
Mukesh Bhatt is currently in Dubai to attend the IIFA event and Mahesh Bhatt though in Mumbai was not yet at office. The firing took place at noon. According to police commissioner A.N Roy, “The accused entered Bhatt’s office at noon and inquired about him from the staff. When told that Bhatt was not in office, he fired a round in the air before escaping.” The man had also threatened an employee from the office with his gun, when he asked the unidentified man for his identification.

Mahesh Bhatt immediately reached his office on hearing about the firing. The police are investigating the incident and are on a lookout for the unidentified man who fired the shots, with the help of a sketch that was made after office employees gave a description of the man. The police feel that perhaps the shots were fired to intimidate Bhatt as he has been known to support various socio-political causes. He had also recently petitioned the Supreme Court to allow the screening of the film Fanaa in Gujarat which was being opposed by various political parties.

The police are also investigating whether the incident is in anyway connected with the underworld. However Mahesh Bhatt said “Some people did call me up and abused me to vent their frustration but they had nothing to do with the underworld.”

The Bhatts recent release, Gangster received good reviews and some of their forthcoming films include Killer and Who Lamhe.