Ultramodern Cars to feature in “Taarzan” sequel

TaarzanBollywood is riding high these days on the sequels of successful movies. Adding to the latest trend is director Rajiv Ruia, who is all prepared to provide a new tangy flavor to the 2004 science fiction movie “Taarzan – The wonder car” directed by Abbas Mastan.

Reportedly the director is going to spend a mammoth 21 Crore rupees, to build up three futuristic cars that will be in action in the movie.

"We are making three cars of Rs.6 to Rs.7 Crore each, two for shoot and one for display. This is coming to around Rs.21 crore cumulatively," the director Rajiv Ruia addressed the reporters.

The announcement of such a huge amount to be invested for a science fiction movie has strengthened the emerging inclination of the Bollywood industry towards making hugely budgeted Sci-Fi’s. We all know about the hype and buzz that Shahrukh Khan produced RA.One is creating in the country which is set to release in Diwali. RA.One is another lavish project having a scientific story line and SRK has left no stone unturned to incorporate the best of special effects and animation acumen into the movie.

Drawing parallels with the world famous fictional character James Bond and his highly popular futuristic cars as shown in the Hollywood Bond movies, Ruia goes on to add “You can say that it’s a James Bond car. It’s a futuristic car with a complete different look and I think people have not seen such a car, even in Hollywood films also”. Whether or not the director’s comments are an exaggeration, only time will be able to clarify.

It is really a bold move on the part of the director, to go for a sequel of this movie, and that too in such a lavish fashion, keeping in mind that the movie was a box office dud. It featured Ajay Devgan, AyeshaTakia and Vatsal Seth and was inspired by a Hollywood horror movie “Christine”.

Ruia has won accolades over his animation works in the movie ‘My Friend Ganesha’, and expects to continue his success with this venture of the sequel movie. The new cast, the director says is yet to be decided and is most probably thought upon once the final draft of the script is ready.

Giving insights to the magnitude of the production, the director adds “It would be shot abroad and would have heavy VFX works. We are also making a similar car in 3D as well.”