Uday Chopra flaunts his love for Nargis Fakhri, yet again

Uday Chopra who has just returned from Cannes film festival has yet again displayed his love for the ‘Rockstar’ actress Nargis Fakhri. He has posted a picture on twitter posing with a mug which has Nargis photo pasted on it, "Who is this @NargisFakhri that everyone keeps linking me with...I've never heard of her." Close friend, Hrithik Roshan replied saying, "Mindblowing! Hahahaha @udaychopra"

This is not the first time Uday has displayed his love for Nargis publicly. Some time ago, he posted another tweet which sparked fire, he tweeted, “Your future son’s father is my father’ss son”. This tweet spread like a fire in the jungle. After which his ‘Dhoom’ co-star Abhishek Bachchan said: “Get a room kids”. However, these tweets were instantly removed’.

He further tweeted: “Things @NargisFakhri loves traveling,spas, Doritos, pizza and ME!”

Uday Chopra also went on to tweet: “Ok fine I don’t love @NargisFakhri but please don’t tell her that or she’ll kill me #UdayChopraMadnessHour.

However, Nargis denied being in a relationship, she said, "I don't think I'd jeopardise my career by getting into a relationship at this stage," says Nargis Fakhri when we meet her at a suburban cafe, adding, "Moreover, I don't find the need. I'm surrounded by a bunch of friends. Boyfriends are troublesome and unnecessary."

Nargis says she is not in love with Uday, "Uday's only teasing. I have known him, but I am most definitely not in love with him. I am here to be the best that I can be, make money, and take off." Not that she hasn't been in love but "the guy went to Brazil and got married," she says.

Last year in December, bikini clad Nargis was spotted holidaying with Uday in Maldives. The photo of the duo went viral on net. In various occasions, the couple was spotted together.