Two Kannada actors feared dead, as stunt goes wrong

Two Kannada actors are feared dead after the shooting of a stunt sequence for an upcoming movie turned tragic on Monday (Nov 7) afternoon.

While shooting for the film ‘Maasti Gudi’, actor Duniya Vijay and stunt men Anil and Uday, jumped off a helicopter into the Tippagondanahalli lake on Magadi Road, 35km west of Bengaluru. Panic spread when Anil and Uday did not emerge from the water within the stipulated time.

Vijay was rescued as he was wearing a life jacket, but the two stunt men weren’t provided with the same, according to reports. A boat was supposed to pick up the duo after they had jumped into the water, but it failed to reach the spot in time, resulting in the tragedy.

The fire and emergency services were immediately informed and a search operation is on to find the duo. Officials fear that Anil and Uday might have got stuck in silt in the backwaters, which is usually off limits, especially for film shoots.

Friends of the duo on the location said that Anil and Uday were not expert swimmers. Just before performing the stunt, Anil had told a local reporter that though he knows swimming, he is nervous because he has never jumped from a height.

“I only know a little swimming. I have only swum in a well where you reach the edge after two or three strokes. That’s all the swimming I know. I’ve never had practice swimming 30 or 60ft lengths," he said. Uday added, "There was no specific preparation for this scene. I have come. There are some masters. Vijay is there. The three of us will just jump. That’s all I know. The rest is up to God."

Reports quoted police officials on the ground saying that safety measurements were inadequate. It is also alleged that the film crew was not given permission for aerial shooting and they had also ventured to the prohibited area.