Twitters laugh at Tusshar's butt show

After Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead, twitters got another spicy topic to laugh at. This time Tusshar Kapoor has become a victim of twitters criticism. Least the actor knew that his butt act from the film, ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum’ will land him in severe criticism. His butt act like John Abraham from ‘Dostana’ has faced severe criticism.

John’s butt show made girls fall head over heel while Tusshar’s butt show has become a matter of big joke. Here look at some of the hilarious tweets.

Mukesh Gehani ? @ItsMyRAGE That pic is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life :-( #tusshar kapoor

Je Baaat ? @JeBaaat ppl.. stop making fun of Tusshar Kapoor`s.. he`s just trying to live up to his twitter handle @TusshKapoor

Ashesh ? @ashesh_dxb Everyone wants to be famous except Tusshar Kapoor!

rohan tiwary ? @rohantiwary Astonishing pic of Tusshar Kapoor in Bombay Times, though he is not KAAM k bojh ka maara but isko chahiye HUMDARD ka Sinkara..

Hiren Chauhan ? @Hirenology Tusshar Kapoor Bumbastic Picture :D

Mangal Pardeshi (@MangalPardeshi): Inspired BY Aamir Khan other actors also want to do social service. Tusshar kapoor can do social service by quitting acting.

Chitra ? @chitrambling That pic was supposed to make you all laugh only so Tusshar Kapoor - 1, You - 0. Also, he is looking hotter than Poonam Pandey.