Twinkle zip and unzip Akshay daily

Akshay Kumar’s unbuttoning act at the Lakme Fashion week by wife Twinkle might have created much hullabaloo everywhere but despite those furores, the actor has no qualm in admitting that his wife bottomed and unzipped him on a regular basis. This piece of news is not meant to hit someone personally but a fact. Akshay Kumar is always styled by his wife Twinkle and as the husband-wife keep a style check over one another, the unbuttoning act came naturally to them.

Akshay dressed according to Twinkle's advice and whenever he gets ready, she dressed him perfectly to the occasion. She chooses his dress and also keeps a check whether he is going perfectly with the outfit. Twinkle is Akshay’s style guru and he completely trusts on her taste and follows her advice blindly.

Twinkle possesses many talents - she runs aromatic candles business, designs beautiful homes and also works on Akshay’s real and reel looks.