Twinkle spying Kat, Akki

Akshay Kumar and Katrina KaifTwinkle Khanna doubts Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar after they have formed a successful romantic pair. Many a times, news of her getting miffed with Akshay comes into forefront. Twinkle is totally against Akshay’s pairing opposite Katrina and always ask him to stay away from her. At the recently held IIFA event, Twinkle walked closely with Akki out of fear that Katrina may not steal Akki from her. She even kept a sharp eye on his calls and made sure that he does not pick up any calls from Katrina. It is said that Akki did not perform with Katrina at IIFA due to Twinkle.

News circulated that Katrina was bit nervous about her stage show and when she called Akki for moral support, he did not pick up her calls. On the other hand, Katrina strongly opposed the rumor and remarked, "People need to stop imagining so much. This is pure imagination on someone's part." Kat even declared that she had dinner with Twinkle and some of their friends in the presence of her mom.