Twinkle Khanna fights against Rajesh Khanna's live-in partner

The legal dispute over the will of late actor Rajesh Khanna continues as the division bench of Mumbai High Court has scheduled another hearing on Monday. Anita Advani who claimed to be Rajesh Khanna’s live-in partner, demanded to see his last will. She has told the judges that she will wait till Monday and will not press to see the documents till then. The division bench of Justice M S Sonak and Chief Justice Mohit Shah was hearing the appeal filed by Twinkle Khanna, Rajesh Khanna’s elder daughter. Twinkle has challenged an earlier order by the High Court that provides will-related to documents to Advani who has claimed that the actor’s so called will was forged. 

Ever since the actor’s death in 2012, his family and Anita Advani have been at logger heads. The actor’s last will has named his daughters Twinkle and Rinke as his heirs and has also appointed Twinkle as the executor of the will. Anita Advani who went public at the time of Rajesh Khanna’s death with claims of being his live-in partner, has long been questioning the genuineness of the will.  According to her, Rajesh Khanna was too ill to sign his will at the time. This had prompted Twinkle and Rinke to file a probate petition on the will which means getting the will validated by court.

Trouble started when Rajesh Khanna’s famous bungalow ‘Aashirwad’ was sold recently by his family. Anita has challenged the sale of the bungalow as a case on the validity of the will is going on. She recently said, "I have challenged the will, as I have already won the case twice earlier. They are not allowing me to have a look at the copy of will. If it is correct, then why they are hiding it, and if it is challenged, then how can somebody sell it off? It doesn't happen anywhere in the world. I want to fight for it. It is Kakaji's last belonging and they want to sell it off. As per his wishes, I will make a museum there. It is like erasing every bit of his memories. Just like everybody else even I got to know from the public notice and I am moving immediately. I had no intimation of anything like this taking place at all. They have no respect for judiciary. When a case is going on, how can it be sold?”

Last Wednesday Bombay HC decreed that Advani who was with the actor during his last days can be given a copy of the probate related proceedings and the actual probated will. Twinkle Khanna moved to a division bench against this ruling and now the next hearing will take place on Monday.