TV actress Sejal Sharma commits suicide in Mumbai

‘Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’ actress Sejal Sharma allegedly committed suicide on Friday.

"Yes, this is true. I am shocked to hear the news. It's very difficult for me to believe since I met her just 10 days ago and we even chatted on WhatsApp on Sunday. I am unable to come to terms with the news. When I met her 10 days back, she was absolutely fine," Aru K Verma, Sejal Sharma's co-star in "Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji", told TOI.

Mr Verma, who played Sejal Sharma's brother in the show, also told the portal: "Her family discovered the news today morning, but I think she committed suicide yesterday night. Her family has taken the body to Udaipur for her last rites."

Television industry shocked to learn about Sejal Sharma’s sudden demise.

Sejal’s friend Nirbhay Shuklaa reveals she was mentally stressed due to her father's health.

Talking to us exclusively, few minutes ago, Nirbhay said, "Sejal was mentally stressed due to her father's health. I had texted her on November 15 to meet and she replied me saying that she was travelling to Udaipur for a medical emergency. I asked her what had happened and she replied me saying that her  father had got a heart attack.

Sejal's father was unwell since quite sometime; he was suffering from cancer. The heart attack must have shaken her up. 

I kept following with her and she said he's recovering--- but all is not well. And, then I got busy with my work."

When asked when was the last time he exchanged words with her, Shuklaa said, "In December, she messaged me to wish me on my birthday. Then I think in January, I spoke to her and we planned to meet. She was also supposed to meet Ayesha Kaduskar who used to play Naina's sister on our show and she was pretty close to her."

Nirbhay added, "Sejal was an extremely chilled out person. We met two and half years back on the sets and became good friends. We used to often hang out together. The last time I met her was in Malad Infinity food court for a friend's birthday. I will miss her forever and I wish she would have discussed with us if something like this was going on in her mind."

No suicide note has been recovered. and a case of Accidental Death Report (ADR) was registered and further investigation is underway, ANI report added.