TV actress Rucha Gujrati physically and mentally abused

Television actress Rucha Gujrati aka ‘Kiya’ of popular soap ‘Saas Bina Susural’ was physically and mentally harassed by her husband Mitul Sanghvi. Rucha got married to chemical engineer Mitul Sanghvi in 2010. She lodged a complaint against her husband at the Juhu police station.

Rucha’s marriage hit the rock few months after her marriage. She was physically and mentally abused by her husband and in-laws.

Says the source, "Problems cropped up soon after Rucha tied the knot on October 24, 2010 with Mitul, who is from a very affluent family. Mitul is completely under his parents' hold and shares everything with them, including the couple's bedroom conversations. The torture began on their honeymoon. Mitul woke Rucha up at 6 am and asked her why she didn't share the honeymoon expenses with him. He grabbed her by the hands and flung her onto the bed. She was shocked! No sooner had they returned that his parents started meddling in their affairs too. She was asked by her husband to follow whatever her father-in-law asked her to do."

Rucha’s in-laws are said to be not happy with her profession. They put on many restrictions on her. "At one point, they took away her set of house keys and warned that they'd never allow her in if she stepped out. They even deprived her of meals and asked her to foot the bills for her expenses and fend for herself. Rucha has been bearing her own expenses for the past two years. She isn't working currently, which has already made a dent in her savings. Her financial condition isn't very good."

Forgetting the past, Rucha tried to mend the differences with her husband but she and her father was ill-treated by Mitul. "He refused to open the door for her, and that's when her father landed up at his house. An infuriated Mitul opened the door, grabbed her father by the collar and started hitting him. He then directed his anger at Rucha, pulled her by her hair and slapped her, leaving a deep cut on her lips."

Both Rucha and her mother-in-law called the police separately, “When Rucha pleaded with them to book her in-laws for mental and physical abuse, the cops instead apologised to her inlaws and left! She had kept quiet all this while hoping things would change. Now, she has called her sister to stay with her as she fears her in-laws will harm her. She doesn't mind giving the marriage a second chance, but her husband and in-laws need to treat her with respect," adds the friend.

Rucha confirms that there is trouble in her marriage, "I would not like to divulge the details. All I can say is that I want justice."