TV actress Muskaan Mihani divorces husband Tushal Sobhani

Television actress Muskaan Mihani has filed for divorce from her Mumbai based businessman husband Tushal Sobhani. She has been living separately from her husband and mother-in-law. Earlier, she used to live with her hubby and in-laws in Bandra flat above Barbeque Nation and now she has moved in with her parents, residing in Malad.

Currently, Tushal is vacationing in Dubai and he least cares for his wife and 20-month old daughter Mannat.

As per report, Tushal ill-treated her. A source says, "Her husband would run her down all the time and she was told: Teri aukaat kya hai? Tu sirf ek TV actress hai. Wapas chali jaa. Tusshar even pushed her once. She was being treated like dirt, the in-laws' family was ganging up against her."

Couple of days back, Muskaan packed her bags returned to her parents’ home.  She has filed a complaint of harassment in Khar police station.

Reveals the source, "Let's tell you that Muskaan was categorically told that if she wants Tushal to look after the baby she should leave her with her father (Tushal) and his family, and have no contact with her thereafter. She was told that if she does not comply to this demand, Tushal will not pay anything for the daughter's upbringing and welfare."

"The baby is with Muskaan. The baby was born pre-mature and Muskaan has done practically nothing  ever since her birth except nursing her to grow up healthily. Touch wood, today, Mannat looks as beautiful as Muskaan and is a very sharp child."

Muskaan starred in ‘Ring Wrong Ring’ and a few episodes of ‘Fear Files’ and recently she made a comeback to the small screen in November 2016 with Manish Goswami 's ‘Dil Deke Dekho’.

Confirms the source, "Muskaan's problems had hit the ceiling when she decided to fend for herself again by making a comeback”. Another source added, "Tushal was also abusive in the marriage, and he was often in high spirits."

In 2013 September, Muskaan married Tusshar.  "She will file for divorce soon. And the matter is going to get uglier," the source concludes.