Auto driver abuses TV actress Monaz in public

Television actress Monaz Mevawala filed a complaint against an auto rickshaw driver who damaged her car and abused her during a road rage incident in Mumbai. Reportedly, police officers identified the accused and arrested the auto rickshaw driver, a day after the incident, on Tuesday.

According to a Mumbai daily report, the police were able to trace the driver after going through the video footage of the incident, which the actress had captured on her phone during the fight. The incident took place around 1.30 pm on the busy SV Road in Goregaon on Monday, when the actress was on her way to a shoot.

The accused has been identified as Haider Ali Abbas Ali Mobin, a rickshaw driver by profession who lives at Goregaon West. Soon after the brawl, Monaz went to the local police station and filed a complaint. She also posted the details of the incident, along with the video footage, on her Facebook page.

The actress reportedly mentioned on her post that the auto driver was in front of her car at a signal on SV Road. He was looking back and continuously staring at her. “When the signal turned green he didn’t let me take a left as he was still looking at me and obstructing my way,” she said in her post.

“I tried to overtake him and he came charging at me and in the process scratched my car with his side mirror, and apparently his mirror broke, for which he got extremely angry and followed me. He then took out a bamboo stick and tried to hit my car with it and started screaming, ‘Aaj toh tujhe bahut marunga’ (Today I will hit you a lot),” she added.

Mevawala recorded a part of the sequence that took place on her mobile phone, where the footage showed the accused driver pulling out her windscreen wiper, banging the car with his hands and then stepping back when he realised he is being filmed.

The damage was also visible to the side view mirror of her vehicle. “I was lucky that I was in my car and it was locked. Everyday innocent girls are at a risk of being attacked like this,” said the actress in the post.

Arun Jadhav, senior inspector Goregaon police station was quoted as saying, “We have arrested the accused rickshaw driver who was seen in the video footage. He has been several sections of the IPC. The actress has filed a complaint regarding the incident, after which we launched a manhunt.”

“We managed to arrest him yesterday and will produce him before the court,” he added.