TV actress Kavita Kaushik cheated

‘FIR’ actress Kavita Kaushik was the latest celebrity to become victim of debit card fraud. The actress was holidaying in Thailand when she realized that some unknown person is using her cloned debit card and drawing money from her account. On Knowing this Kavita shocked and became restless to know the facts.

Says a source, “The actress used her debit card for shopping and someone seems to have cloned her card and shopped for almost a lakh using money from her account.”

Kavita who was holidaying in Thailand with her friends lodged a police complaint. “This is really scary. She got to know about this when she received messages about money being debited from her account. She has lodged a police complaint,” says a source close to the FIR actress.

Kavita confirmed the story. “I am usually very careful about all these things, but I guess what is meant to happen will anyway happen. Turns out that this is all part of a big scam. I have lodged a police complaint now. All of us need to be really cautious while using our cards,” She concluded.